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Primarily an oil painter interested in memory and the cinematic, I find inspiration in images drawn from 1960s New Wave French and Italian art films, Super 8 reels from personal archives, and found or personal photographs. Such mediated images provide a space for the recovery of memories mainly through the medium of painting.

My present body of work stems from recently rediscovered Super 8 reels that my father shot in the 70s and 80s. Some reference family moments while others were recorded on business travels and epitomise a world on the brink of globalisation. Carefully selected stills from those reels are appropriated and redefined during the painting process, which allows a distant past to be brought back into the present and new narratives to emerge. Often painted on the same format to replicate the sequencing of film, they hover between abstraction and figuration due to the very nature of their degraded source: at times the brushwork is more defined and at others more loose and free. Painted on board with thin layers of oil paint and oil glazes often laid over a carefully chosen ground, they aim to reflect the fragility and transience of memory. A vibrant use of colour further contributes to a dream-like surreal atmosphere in the paintings inviting the viewer into a strange poetic world, half remembered, half imagined.


Antonia Jackson (2020)

For further enquiries about the work, sales, commissions or studio visits, do contact me by email at

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